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Markus Leinonen

A technology junkie from Finland, fascinated by all the nuts&bolts and blinking LED’s. Constantly thinking of the added business value of those bells&whistles.

That killer combo spiced with open and social character makes me an unrivaled enterprise IT professional with a rare mix of deep technical skills, excellent presentation abilities and business understanding.

I’ve helped countless technology companies around the globe by delivering demanding trainings with exceptional feedback and measurable business benefits.

I began my professional career two decades ago as a software developer. So, there’s a hint of programmer blood still coursing thru my veins. Thanks to that invaluable knowledge, I also know how the magic of software really happens.

Feeling at home with hardware AND software technologies from technical AND business point of view, I am currently pushing all that experience to the limit by delivering enterprise IT trainings linking tech to business values and creating high quality YouTube videos about everything enterprise IT.

Exciting times!

Brings something even more fascinating…and it comes with bells&whistles. You can mark that down. 😉


SUMMER OF 2007. ESPOO, FINLAND. My first ever training delivery about servers. Little did I know what future was being written for me. During the next years I would deliver technical and pre-sales trainings all over Europe. As a result, I would master technologies from HP Virtual Connect networking to HP 3PAR storage arrays, concepts from enterprise architecture to SAN fabrics. Maintaining our own data center would be business as usual. Earning and teaching HPs highest technical certification level, Master ASE, would be just another day at the office.

FAST FORWARD TO 2019. Looking back – I have been delivering ever more demanding enterprise IT trainings all over the globe, finding myself more and more enthusiastic about the secrets of enterprise IT value selling. I have been asked to design content for worldwide sales training programmes and to deliver HPE solution sales training tours across 4 continents. And lately I have started creating my own YouTube videos too! Super exciting.

“A geek can leave the data center but data center never leaves the geek.” Hence, I have a 2+1 HPE SimpIiVity hyperconvergence federation up&running at home ready to remotely impress customers…but then again – who doesn’t? 😉

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Yes! I am on Youtube too!

Having had the privilege to grow up with the world famous Finnish education system, I am now bringing those proven principles to my trainings. Less is more, analogies do work and simplifying is the key. With my trainings I am using a lot of whiteboarding models to simplify complicated concepts in effort to enforce learning objectives with less slides.

I’ve learned so much from all the customers and colleagues throughout the years that I feel the urge to give back to the enterprise IT community whenever I can. With my YouTube videos I am taking some of those whiteboarding models and use lightboarding to deliver the same message. Some other videos are technology introductions or use guides while the rest are purely my personal opinions and visions.


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